UPDATED HOURS: Sun+Mon: 12p-10p, Wed+Thurs: 5p-10p, Fri+Sat: 12p-10:30p (closed for lunch W+Th and CLOSED all day on Tuesday) Attention Grub Hub and take out diners: Your food is never going to be exactly like it will if you eat it in house here at the restaurant. Makes sense, right? We are working with GH in hopes that they can improve their service as often times they are late in picking up food even though we tell them via their tablet that food is ready. It's fun in here, get off your couch and join us at the restaurant instead:) we have 3 TVs, great inexpensive wine (for SF) and play good tunes. Join us on Wednesdays for...Wine Wednesday! Wine specials all night, so come down and hang out with us! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook!


Each pizza is individually hand tossed to order and baked in a traditional brick oven,
our pizzas take a minimum of 25-30 minutes. Sorry, no topping substitutions on specialty pies.

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14" 19.50 20" 25.50

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